Hydrolevel Recalls Controllers for Slant/Fin Boilers Due to Fire Hazard

Source: Consumer Recalls (CPCSC)
Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:00AM

This recall involves the Hydrolevel HydroStat Model 3000 boiler controller which is a black rectangular control unit for residential Slant/Fin VSPH boilers. It is used on Slant/Fin boilers with a serial number between 1581920 and 2476166. The boiler controller unit has six small LED lights and the word ‘Hydrostat’ on the front. The controller says HydroStat on the front and HydroStat Model 3000 on the back. The serial number on the boiler is located on the rating plate located on the top cabinet panel.  

 Consumers with Slant/Fin model VSPH boilers should immediately contact a contractor to schedule a free repair. For assistance in locating a contractor, go to http://www.slantfin.com/locator/.

Hydrolevel has received five reports of the recalled controllers failing to shut down the boilers after they reach the high temperature limit. No injuries or property damage have been reported.

Slant/Fin distributors, residential boiler contractors and boiler distributors nationwide from May 2012 through July 2018 for about $185 for the boiler controller

Hydrolevel Company, of North Haven, Conn.

Hydrolevel Company, of North Haven, Conn.

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